Grand Master Hanshi M. Miki: JKO Shito Ryu, Karate-Do 8th Degree Black Belt

Hanshi M. Miki is a highly decorated karate instructor worldwide.  Hanshi is the first person outside of Japan to be awarded the 8th degree black belt and has received the prestigious honor of receiving the Hanshi-Go (Grand Mastership) by Soke Kenzo Mabuni : the heir of the founder of Shito Ryu, Karate-Do: Kenwa Mabuni.

Hanshi Miki’s other Merits and Honors include:

  • Congressional Certificate of Achievement Award (1983).
  • Certificate Distinguished Service Award and Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition (1984).
  • Certificates of Special Recognition from the Office of the Governor of Arizona and Major of San Jose, California. (1993)

Hanshi Miki has been awarded with numerous prestigious positions and honors:

  • Awarded the 7th degree black belt by the JKF: Japan Karate Federation, under Japanese Ministry of Education and Science, (first person outside of Japan to be awarded) in 1987.
  • Attaché to the founding member to the World Karate Federation (WKF) World Referee Council (1975). WKF: World Referee in Kata and Kumite (1975-1994). WKF Referee Ring Controller (since 1980) in Madrid, Spain.
  • Pan American Continent Referee Council Inaugural Member (1980-2000)
  • Chairman of International Official Committee in USA Karate Federation.
  • Founding member of WKF World Technical Committee under the guidance of Japan Karate Federation (JKF) Chairman Fusajiro Takagi (1987) – Budapest, Hungary
  • Served as member of WKF World Technical Committee for WKF: World Karate Federation, a member of International Olympic Committee. (1994-1999)
  • Chief Delegate of the USA Team and a member of WKF: Referee Council, to the first World Collegiate Championship (1986) – Kobe, Japan
  • Chief Referee Council for the first ever Karate event in the Pan American Games, held under the International Olympic Committee (1995) – Argentina, South America

Hanshi Miki has taught locally at the University of San Diego, Mesa College and South Western Collage for Physical Education Accredit Course for Karate, Women’s Self Defense and Kick Boxing courses. (Over 25 years). He visits annually to his affiliated schools throughout USA.

He also taught in Central and South American countries and Europe extensively.

The Italian Karate Federation hired him as their National Kata Instructor/Coach for 8 years. Hanshi produced the first Italian Female World Silver medalists in both individual and team in the 12th WKF World Championships which were held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia in 1994.

Sensei Corey Fukushima

Sensei Corey Fukushima is a Fourth Degree Black belt, 40 years a  veteran instructor. He started training Karate-Do under his father, a Traditional Karate-Do instructor. He captured the Sparring Champion title in the International Karate Championships in 1991. He was a JKO Elite team member, who won many international and USAKL National Championships. 

Sensei Mark Boeh

Sensei Mark Boah, is a Third Degree Black belt. He is a native of San Diego, and started Karate-Do training at JKO San Diego Dojo in the mid 80s.Sensei Boeh graduated from Cal State Fullerton and works in Real Estate. 

Sensei Corey Cather

Sensei Corey Cather is a Second Degree Black belt in JKO Shito-Ryu Karate-Do. He began training in Isshin Ryu and Shorinji Ryu Karate during service in Vietnam and in JKA Shotokan and others. He has been actively training in JKO under Hanshi Miki since 2011, Mr. Cather holds a B.S. in Cinema and Photography and an M.S. in Education(’82) from Southern Illinois University. 

Sensei David Hickey

Sensei David Hickey started JKO Karate-Do in 80s. Graduated from SDSU, worked for SDPD.