Dear JKO Members:

I have an exciting news for all of JKO members. As you know, I had a great time and visit here with Mr. Kijima : Kindai Univ. Head Master and Chairman of Osaka Karate-do Federation. The Kindai Univ. Karate team made many WKF World Champions, and All Japan Champions in both Kata and Kumite. Many famous Champions, ie Atsuko Wakai, 4 times WKF Female Kata Champion and Ko Matsuhisa, who created the famous “Scorpion Kick” and currently Ken Nishimura, who beat Rafael Aghyev 3 times, including in 2018 Paris Open.
The departure date/time are at 11:50 AM, at SAN ( San Diego airport) on Friday June 15.
​The total cost estimated $2,100.00, including all of transportation cost and Univ. dorm type facility, and 3 meals in cafeteria or/Univ. restaurants, basics. We are expecting to have some sightseeing and visit cities like, Osaka, Nara ,which is oldest capital of Japan is located only 20 in with a public train and Kyoto is only 1 hour away. Kindai University is located in east of Osaka.
I like to our members to experience and practice among the best young practitioners of Japan.
Best regards,
Hanshi M Miki