Shito Ryu Karate is one of the four major original styles of Karate in the world. It contains the largest number of katas (which is the instruction curriculum of Karate-Do ) and makes Shito Ryu Karate the most comprehensive original Karate-Do style. This is due to the founder of Shito Ryu, Kenwa Mabuni, who practiced and preserved the original katas from various instructors. Shito Ryu Karate is enjoyed worldwide by Karate-Do practitioners.
The chief instructor of this location is Hanshi (meaning Grand Mastership) M. Miki, 8th Degree Black belt. Hanshi Miki teaches nearly ALL of the classes here.
Absolutely! This will be your choice. You can sign a term contract which entitles you to receive various discounts. The longer the term that you commit to, the greater the discounts you are eligible to receive.
No one is ever “too old” to begin karate. The students’ ages range from 3 1/2 to 64 years old. Yes, parents may take classes with their children. We have a Mam/Dad and Me class every Saturday at 10 A.M.
Yes, we do teach children. There are two classes every day for children as well as a class for teens and adults. Currently, Hanshi’s youngest student is 3 1/2 years old.
How many days a week do you recommend for children? Generally speaking, the more classes that you attend the better it is for you. The US Government Health Department recommends children to exercise at least one hour a day, seven days a week.
Shito Ryu Karate is one of the most comprehensive and versatile karate curriculums that you can study. Because of this, students will be able to enjoy a lifelong study of karate.
The original Karate-Do teachings consist of contact techniques. However, we focus on control and safety during classes and require the use of protective equipment to prevent injuries. Our practice is completely different from sensationalized fighting on television or paid audiences. We teach our students to practice with discipline and manners. We teach respect and mercifulness for all living things. Students are never taught to be unnecessarily cruel and are never taught to relentlessly strike a fallen person.
Am I required to compete in tournaments? You are not required to compete in tournaments while learning Karate-Do. However, I do recommend that children of all ages to compete to motivate them to excel and help them compare their progress to others. Tournament competition is open to all ranks and ages, have gender separated divisions as well as divisions for individual and team competitions. There are opportunities to compete in kata, kumite, and weapons. Everyone will be able to enjoy tournament competitions; they are safe and exciting.
The competition divisions range in ages from 5 years old to over 65 years old for Kata (Forms) and Kumite (Sparring). Divisions are also separated by gender (Some exceptions in local events.), individual competition and team competitions.
Absolutely! You may help with any tournament associated needs or even just be there to support your dojo teammates. We are always seeking volunteers.
All Karate-Do techniques are applicable for self-defense. Karate-Do contains techniques of striking, kicking, blocking, as well as throws and grappling. As you practice you will learn techniques of defense and, when necessary, offense. Currently, there is a trend within MMA to recognize the contributions of traditional martial arts. Many of the fighters that people see on television began their training in traditional martial arts and continue to do so. Often, many of the flashy techniques spectators see are based in the basic skills of karate practice.
Karate-Do is a holistic practice: you will be able to exercise and develop every part of your body, including your mind. As a student you will move your body through every angle, every direction and be able to tone and strengthen your body through exercise and many repetitions. With regular practice you will experience an increase of flexibility, strength, and endurance. Regular practice will improve your cardiovascular system. Karate-Do improves the mind body connection through mental focus and concentration. You will experience all of these benefits while simultaneously learning self-defense.
Classes are held six days a week and include noontime classes as well as Saturday morning classes. Please visit our website: jko.com, and Facebook: JKO World Headquaters, page to see the current schedule.
Your child will be able to join and participate in classes easily. We have many students that have transitioned from so-called sport karate schools and from more formal traditional martial arts schools. Many of those students, as well as their parents, have been overwhelmingly satisfied with learning correct, authentic techniques and values of our worldwide excepted and recognized Karate-Do.
Currently the fee is $25.00 annually. Once paid you will receive a JKO Passbook indicating your current membership within the JKO. The passbook also serves as your attendance record and contains information on the dojo, it’s history, and among other things, requirements for testing and promotion.
Tuition is based on the number of classes you choose to attend each week. The price ranges from $85.00 per month and above. The cost of classes differs from the introductory level to Private Lessons with Hanshi. Price, time, and schedule may change without prior notice.
Yes, we have a class specifically for Adult students.
Yes, we sell both uniforms and sparring gear. We have researched and selected the best equipment list having both the lowest cost and availability for students from the beginners’ level, to National and International Champion level equipment, to a Master’s level.
Yes, you will be able to keep your brown belt from your previous school. However, if you wish to receive a belt rank from the Japan Karate-Do Organization you will be responsible for all Katas ( the teaching curriculum of Karate-Do ) within our organization and most importantly the Bunkai and Ohyo applications of each Kata (all Katas beginning from Heian Nidan onward to all Katas required for each rank).