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JKO Hombu Dojo Bulletin News: April and May 2017
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Sunday, April 8:

This seminar will be instructed by Hanshi for every JKO Dojo members to learn unified comprehension of the Katas’ most important curriculums.
Kata Bunkai seminar for Novice, and Intermediate (Purple, Green, Brown and Black belts) Seminar. The seminar will be taught correct bunkai, and ohyo for Hei-An Katas, Jutte, Jion, Jiin, Bassai Dai, Kosoukun Dai, Seisan and Nipaipo. The fee is $20.00 per person.

Friday, April 7 thru Tuesday, April 11.


JKO Ohio group will be visiting Hanshi in Carlsbad Dojo for preparing for the USA Open, one of largest international Karate-do Championships
which will be held in Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, from Wednesday Aril 12th thru Sunday April 16th.  Last year’s USA Open had participants from 42 countries, and 6 WKF world champions were participated.


Friday, April 14th, Good Friday thru Easter Sunday, April 16th;


JKO observes Easter Celebration Holidays. JKO Carlsbad Dojo will be closed from Friday, April 14th thru Sunday, April 16th.
Hanshi’s Seminars: Hanshi Miki will visiting JKO Cincinnati, Ohio and Bristol, VA from Thursday, May 4 thru Tues, May 9.


Sunday, May 21: National Qualifier.

USANKF National qualifier tournament will be held from 10 AM – . The entry fees will be $45.00.
JKO Observes Memorial Holiday. JKO Carlsbad Dojo will be closed from Saturday, May 27 and Monday, May 29th.