2019 LA Wado Kai Karatedo Championships, JKO Champions

2019 LA Wado Kai Championships, a Double Gold Medalists, Ryu 龍 Carlos. Carols captured a Doble Gold Medals 🏅 🏅again, Keep Up !

2019 LA Wado Kai Karatedo Championships, JKO Champions, JKO Champions, from right side, Yoshi – 2 Bronze Medals, Kyo – a Bronze Medal in Kumite. Manish – a Gold Medal in Kumite. Victor- a Gold Medal in Kumite, a Bronze Medal in Kata. Carlos Ryu – a Double Gold Medalist. Trevor – a Gold Medal in Kata & a Silver Medal in Kumite.



Upcoming local tournaments in July to October

7/28 – Wado Kai Seiken Cup

12124 Bulls Rd Lynwood, CA 90262

8/4 – 25th Nikkei Games karate tournament

Cal State Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Blvd Long Beach 90840

8/18 – Kaigan Karate tournament

Calavera Hills Community Center
2997 Glasgow Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92010

9/1 – Irvine Karate Classic 2019

Momentous Sports Center
14522 Myford Irvine, CA 92606

9/15 – Fiestas 46th Invitational

South Gate Sports Center
9520 Hildreth Ave South Gate CA 92606

9/22 – Gensei Ryu Karate tournament

Orange, CA

10/13 -Hollenbeck Karate tournament

5151 State University Drive, 
Los Angeles, CA 90032

2019 USA NKF National’s PICS

Carlos Ryu captured a Gold medal and a Silver medal. Congratulations 🎈


Congratulations 🎉 to Lily captured a double Silver Medals.


Congratulations 🎊 to Olivia for a Bronze medal at the Nationals.



Excellent kick, Sensei Alanna’s jump kick in her Kata warm-ups.



The 2019 USA NKF National Champion’s medal presentation ceremony:



JKO SD/ Tj member, Fernando presented by Hanshi



Old friends are getting together once every year at the occasion of USA NKF National Championships. This year the Nationals were held in Chicago, IL.



2019 🇺🇸 USA NKF NATIONALS Championships, JKO San Diego & JKO Carlsbad Dojo Members.


JKO Japan Trip Report 1


Friday, June 22,

This morning, we started from a Kata seminar, from 9:30 to 12 PM, taught by Mrs Sayaka Yamaguchi, an ex- All Japan Kata Champion, she covered Nipaipo, Annan, Suparimpei, Papuren Katas. After a lunch,

Kumite seminar started from 1 PM – 3:30 PM, with Kindai University members & The Team Members Plus, world famous Mr Ko Matsuhisa, who is the creator of Scorpion  🦂 Kick.

After the practice, JKO Elite Team went to a super market called “Japan”. JKO members went out for a dinner outside the Campus by themselves, there are literally over 200 hundreds restaurants to choose from a bite, but Would you believe it ? they went to a McDonald in Osaka Japan.

We have many visitors during the seminar, such as Ex-WKF World Champion and an old friend of Hanshi, Mr Kunio Murakami, Sensei Namikawa, Nagatomo, from Hayashi-ha Group with Mr. Matsuda, WKF Referee council and All Japan referee council chairman.

JKO team are visiting the ancient capital of Japan, Nara on Saturday.

Thank you 😊

JKO Japan Trip

Hanshi M. Miki

Japan Karatedo Organization

July and August 2018 Bulletin News


June 20 thru June 28: 2108 JKO Japan Trip:

JKO’s 18 Black belts Elite Team members, lead by Hanshi Miki are training at the Kindai University, which are incredible 22 National Collegiate titles and produced many WKF World Champions, and All Japan Champions.
Fortunately, All Japan Collegiate Championship will be held on June Sunday 24, in Nagoya, Aichi Gymnasium. This event usually held in November. But, this year, Japan is hosting FISU World Collegiate Championship in July at Kobe Port Pier Park, Japan so that we are able to observe this most excitements event of Japan, you will be able to watch current and future All Japan, All Asian and WKF World Champions. All of the Japan ‘s National Team athletes, coaches, officials, are alumni of Japanese Collegiate group.

In 1987, the first International Collegiate Championship were held in Kobe Port Pier Gym, JKO athletes were participated as USA team members. Debbie Lance and other female team captured the 1st place team Kumite division. Hanhsi M. Miki was the chief of the USA chief delegation and a member of WKF Referee councils.

July: The Road to the Nationals Camp:
The five days Road to Nationals seminar will be held the first week of July.
It is highly recommended that students entering the National Championships attend these sessions as it the last week to specifically focus on intensive training for the competition.

Monday July 02 & Tuesday July 03. There will be a break for the Wednesday 4th of July holiday. Seminars will resume on Thursday 07/05 and run each day until Saturday 07/07.
Sessions will start at 9 am and end around noon for lunch. After lunch the participants will go to the beach and then return for regular afternoon classes. The cost for the week is $150. Single daily sessions will cost $40 per day. Remember to bring water, a lunch and snacks, bathing suit and beach towel.

The USA NKF National Championships:

The 2018 U.S. National Championships and Team Trials will be held in Reno, Nevada from July 10-15, 2018. Details are available onteamusa.org.

Saturday, August 04:

The Obon Festival Demonstration will be held from 12:15 PM to 1 PM at the Japanese Friendship Garden at Balboa Park. Please let Hanshi know if you like to participate in it, it’s a fun event.

Sunday, August 05:
The Nikkei Games Karate Tournament will be held in Long Beach, CA. Please speak with Hanshi about the

tournament if you plan on participating. Details can be found at nikkeikarate.com.The annual Ninja Camp:

Monday, August 06 through Friday August 10.

The Ninja Camp will be $125. Sessions will start at 9 am and end around noon for lunch. After lunch the participants will go to the beach and then return for afternoon classes. Single daily sessions will cost $40 per day.
Remember to bring water, a lunch and snacks, bathing suit and beach towel.

We are need of volunteers to help drive and chaperone children while at the beach. Please see Hanshi if you are interested and available.