JKO Japan Trip Report 1


Friday, June 22,

This morning, we started from a Kata seminar, from 9:30 to 12 PM, taught by Mrs Sayaka Yamaguchi, an ex- All Japan Kata Champion, she covered Nipaipo, Annan, Suparimpei, Papuren Katas. After a lunch,

Kumite seminar started from 1 PM – 3:30 PM, with Kindai University members & The Team Members Plus, world famous Mr Ko Matsuhisa, who is the creator of Scorpion  🦂 Kick.

After the practice, JKO Elite Team went to a super market called “Japan”. JKO members went out for a dinner outside the Campus by themselves, there are literally over 200 hundreds restaurants to choose from a bite, but Would you believe it ? they went to a McDonald in Osaka Japan.

We have many visitors during the seminar, such as Ex-WKF World Champion and an old friend of Hanshi, Mr Kunio Murakami, Sensei Namikawa, Nagatomo, from Hayashi-ha Group with Mr. Matsuda, WKF Referee council and All Japan referee council chairman.

JKO team are visiting the ancient capital of Japan, Nara on Saturday.

Thank you 😊

JKO Japan Trip

Hanshi M. Miki

Japan Karatedo Organization